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Easter Salubong

The time has come for Jesus Christ has risen! The traditional ‘Easter Salubong’ or in Filipino ‘Pasko ng Pagkabuhay' is celebrated on Easter Sunday, 31st of March at around 4 in the dawn at Novaliches Cathedra

l. Jesus Christ is finally resurrected and meets His Mother, Virgin Mary with a large crowd of devotees while holding their lit candles. Hundreds of devotees scattered and faithfully carried the two statues in front of the Novaliches Cathedral witnessing the glorious encounter.

People gradually lit their candles as Jesus Christ approached from Regalado Ave. and Virgin Mary who came from Omega Ave. to meet each other. A symbolic event for the Catholic church to celebrate that Jesus has risen after three days and returned to reign the world. The Mass began right after the ‘Salubong' and there were several kids who served as angels wholeheartedly singing ‘Alleluia’ during the opening of the Mass. One of the angels unveiled Virgin Mary, an illustration of a longing mother coming face to face with her son at last.

Right after the song, angels cordially threw petals to the statues of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. The Mass proper began by the statues entering the cathedral followed by the altar servers, priest, lectors, commentators, and the Mass celebrant - Rev. Fr. Abraham ‘Abe’ Arganiosa. Afterwards, devotees entered the chapel and as expected the seats were fully occupied. With this being said, almost half of the people had no choice but to stand outside the church and to listen to the Mass. People that day seemed to be multiplied from the Mass of the Lord’s Supper last Maundy Thursday up to the ‘Easter Salubong.’ This is a living testimony of faith and that no one can hinder a true devotee even going through the hole of a needle.

On the Easter Vigil, the religious statues and images inside the church have been unveiled already but on Easter Sunday, church goers have seen it more clearly. Even though many devotees stood up throughout the entire Mass, they remained steadfast to witness it and the ‘Easter Salubong.’ And as the Responsorial Psalm of the Mass goes “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!”

The renewal of the promises of baptism is also done during the Mass. The Homily is filled with nothing but rejoicing as Rev. Fr. Arganiosa declared “The Lord is risen, Alleluia! In the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, He opened the gates of heaven.” The Holy Week 2024 has come to an end and the ‘Easter Salubong’ wrapped this religious event. Whether it is the Lenten Season or not, let us all reflect on what Jesus Christ has done for us, for the life that He gave and the blessings He continuously provides for our everyday living. Let us all implant on our minds that God is eternally with us. And as Rev. Fr. Arganisa concluded “Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again.”

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