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Shepherd's Place

An indoor events venue catering to the needs of our social and corporate clients, ideal place for intimate and big gatherings, has 3 fully-equipped, classic flexible function rooms that can accommodate any party themes, fully air-conditioned with sound-proof partitions

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Covid-19 Notice

In view of the recent development on COVID-19 and in compliance with the government's interagency directives regarding safeguard measures to control spread of this disease, please be advised that mass gatherings are not allowed this time. It is therefore in your best interest to reschedule your events planned until further notice. 

Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

Function Rooms

The sound-proof partitions of these rooms -- MESSIAH, REDEEMER, and EMMANUEL are movable and flexible in the event of unexpected increase number of guests and can accommodate up to 460 pax.


An ideal place for private celebrations anniversaries, baptisms or for simply enjoying moments together; with collapsible stage

(Capacity = 190 pax)


A place where conferences, seminars or a simple meeting of minds happen; collaterals like whiteboard, projector can be provided; with collapsible stage

(Capacity = 120 pax)


Ideal for significant new beginnings such as baptism, milestone birthdays and weddings; with fixed, large stage

(Capacity = 150 pax)

Venue Rates

# of Venues
Airconditioned Rates
Non-airconditioned Rates
One venue
120 to 190 pax
Php 8,000 for 3 hrs; Php 1,000 per succeeding hr
Php 3,000 for 3 hrs; Php 800 per succeeding hr
Two venues
270 to 340 pax
Php 12,000 for 3 hrs; Php 2,000 per succeeding hr
Php 5,000 for 3 hrs; Php 1,500 per succeeding hr
Three venues
460 pax
Php 18,000 for 3 hrs; Php 3,000 per succeeding hr
Php 8,000 for 3 hrs; Php 2,000 per succeeding hr
  • 3-hour minimum rent for both Non AC and With AC

  • Rates are inclusive of basic sound system with 2 microphones and tables and chairs

  • 50% reservation fee for the venue is required to block off the date of the event.

  • FOR CHURCH RELATED ACTIVITIES. Discounted rates on venue only. 20% off on NON-AIRCON and 10% off with AIRCONDITIONING. Senior and PWD cards accepted on top of discounts.

  • FOR CHURCH WEDDING inside the Cathedral, refer to the rates here.


  1. AIRCONDITIONING will be provided 30 minutes prior event time. Any extension of air-conditioning use will be charged accordingly. Only authorized personnel is allowed to operate the air-condition units.

  2. ALCOHOLIC beverages strictly for weddings only. To be served during the event pro ex per and within the venue premises only. Clients, Organizers will be held liable for the serving and disposal of the drinks. Off limits to minors.

  3. Outside Catering Services with Corkage Fee.

  4. Management reserves the right to regulate the volume of the SOUND SYSTEM of an event if it interferes with other ongoing events.

  5. Venue personnel shall not be held liable for any LOST PACKAGES or deliveries due to the absence of proper recipient in the venue.

  6. A complimentary of 2 HOURS EGRESS is given to Clients for dismantling, transporting supplies, equipment out of the venue. Should there be a need of time extension, venue personnel must be informed 48 hours prior the event date.

  7. A POST-EVENT INSPECTION will be made by the Client/Authorized Representative and Venue personnel. Noted damages shall be charged to the Client.

  8. A technical maintenance personnel will assist the suppliers during INGRESS to properly set-up electrical-related concerns.

  9. LOST AND LEFT Behind Items, if found by the Venue personnel will be kept in the Cathedral’s office up to a maximum of (5) days. And will not be held liable for any damages on the items and reserves the right to dispose it may deemed fit.

  10. SMOKING inside the venue is strictly prohibited.

For inquiries on party and event packages, kindly contact:

(02) 7-794-2447

(02) 8-939-4720


You can also reach us through email at

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